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Fitness Assessments

The Fitness Assessment is important for anyone thinking of starting an exercise program, or anyone looking to modify an existing exercise program. It will help determine your current level of fitness, identify areas of strength and weakness, and give you a baseline from which you can set realistic and measurable goals. Your fitness assessment will include the following measurements and an interpretation of the results:

  • Personal Measurements
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Resting Blood Pressure
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Height & Weight
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Muscular Strength
  • Flexibility

Upon completion of your Personal Consultation and Fitness Assessment, you will be presented with a fitness assessment report. This report will contain your results, definitions and explanations to aid in interpretation of your results, and fitness guidelines to help you reach your goals.

Your trainer will interpret your results for you, review the information gathered during the consultation, and develop an action plan for your success.

Partial Fitness Assessment is suitable for potential clients who are currently physically active and require clearance to commence a personal training program with Go Figure! Your partial fitness assessment will include the following measurements and an interpretation of the results:

  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Resting Blood Pressure
  • Height & Weight
  • Personal Measurements

All potential clients must undergo a fiassessment or obtain written clearance from a physician prior to beginning any new physical fitness program with Go Figure!

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Nutritional consultations

Go Figure! nutritional counseling service plays an important role with your overall fitness plan. It helps to identify problem areas, enabling small modifications for lasting results. To maximize the benefits of this service, we go beyond discussing generic nutrition principles. With the use of dietary logs to analyze your current eating patterns, we can provide you with specific recommendations on your nutritional requirements. The consultation helps the client understand how to fuel their body properly. The most difficult part of making a new nutrition plan successful is often putting it into daily practice. To assist you, we provide sample diets, recipes, and a grocery shopping checklist as well as pointers to help cut your food bill and your food preparation time.

In addition to your fun work outs,
your nutritional advice was
invaluable. about it

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Lifestyle consultations

Lifestyle consultations offer solutions and changes to your lifestyle for permanent results. Identifying barriers and obstacles, discovering ways to achieve your goals. The greatest disadvantage to maintaining our weight management goals is in the mind set, too often we think of beginning and ending our diet. Once we have ended our diet we revert back to our unhealthy habits, and begin the weight increase often gaining more then we had lost. Through the lifestyle consultations, new healthy habits are established and continue throughout our lives.


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Weight Management

Weight management can be offered as an individual service or as a family service. A comfortable, healthy, customized weight management plan is developed. Smart goal setting is applied to determine attainable and realistic goals, with the support of our qualified staff. Regular weight-ins and body measurements are taken to monitor progress. We sell the “ * ” in dieting, what I mean to say is that we advocate healthy eating and regular exercise as a solution for weight management.

I really enjoyed my personal training session with Go Figure!
Nancy Cook is very knowledgeable. I liked how the
exercises she taught, you could do at your home. You
didn’t need a gym about it


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In Studio Personal Training Sessions

Are you tired of struggling to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals? Working with a personal trainer is the most effective way to reach your goals. Our Certified personal fitness trainer will design a workout for you based on things like your experience, schedule, and goals! We offer personal fitness programs for people of all ages and fitness levels. If you have a goal, we have the program that will get you there faster than you thought possible!

Go Figure! offer safe effective exercise plans using balls, bands and free weights in our private studio. Each program is customized to meet your individual, attainable goals. The most important element to each workout is … it is fun and interesting, which keeps you motivated to succeed. We offer one-on-one, two-person personal training packages.


I have been working with Nancy Cook of Go Figure Family Fun & Fitness since February 2006. I signed up with her because I wanted to lose weight and get about it


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Home Exercise Program

Go Figure! offers home exercise program design, demonstrating the ease of exercise in everyday life. Programs are design for you to be able to use at home with minimal equipment required. Clients are encouraged to make use of their own personal fitness equipment. However, if required, equipment is provided free of charge. Your trainer is well equipped with a wide variety of equipment, including stability balls, medicine balls, resistance tubing, free weights, etc. The exercises, methods, and equipment will depend on your specific requirements.

All sessions are dynamic and fast-paced to maximize your time and results. Our personal trainer has a unique variety of specializations and training methods to help you achieve your goals.

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Family & Youth Programs
Building a solid foundation for a lifetime commitment to a healthy lifestyle through fun, education, and activities. Physical activity is not an option in obtaining a healthy lifestyle but a requirement. The programs are suitable for family, youth, and children, ideal for family or youth with weight management concerns.

Go Figure! provides resources to make active living fun and doable for all families. Hands on activities and ideas are used to get the whole family involved in the decision making regarding the family activities and healthy food choices.

I really enjoyed my personal training session with Go Figure! Nancy Cook is very knowledgeable. I liked how the exercises she taught, you could do at your home. You didn’t need a gym membership... read about it

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Lectures & Workshops
Lectures and workshops are offered on a variety of health, nutrition, and wellness topics. Workshops can be set up as a one-time session or as a multi-session program. Lectures and workshops can be scheduled at retreats, schools, and Community Centres.

Go Figure! offer consultations and workshops:

  • How to design an affordable and effective home gym.
  • Understanding Nutritional Labels
  • The Vitality Approach
  • Ball Basics
  • Women and Strength Training

Just to name a few topics….

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Stroller Striders (Active Walking Group)

A great chance to be active and meet other parents and caregivers! Stroller Striders is a FREE instructor led walking program for anyone pushing a stroller.

Stroller Striders resumes October through the end of April.

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 - 10:30am

Register for free at the administration office
Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
or call 726-7632 for more information.

Online Services - $50.00/month + applicable taxes

Go Figure! offers the following services online:

Online Personal Training is available on a month-to-month basis and is well suited for a wide variety of individuals including corporate employees, stay-at-home parents, students, frequent travelers, and anyone looking to add accountability, motivation, or an upgrade to their current exercise program.

Our Online Personal Training package begins with a detailed email consultation where the following information will be gathered:

  • Medical History
  • Exercise History & Experience
  • Specific Goals – Short and Long Term
  • Fitness Program Location
    (in-home, in-gym, in-hotel, etc)
  • Barriers to Exercise
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Fitness Likes and Dislikes

We do not give our clients computer-generated programs.

Your consultation information will be reviewed by one of our fitness specialists, who will then customize a 4-Week Fitness Program to meet your needs, goals, fitness level, and available equipment.

You will also receive informative handouts and four check-in emails from your fitness specialist (one per week). As well, you are always welcome to email your personal trainer at any time for assistance, clarification, or motivation!

Nutritional consultations and prescriptions: You will receive informative tips regarding meal planning and healthy eating via email consultations. With the use of dietary logs to analyze your current eating patterns, your body caloric requirements, we can provide you with specific recommendations on your nutritional requirements.

Lifestyle consultations and prescriptions: Providing tools to identify and overcome barriers to improving your health through lifestyle modifications. Via weekly email consultations

Weight Management: Providing tips to successful weight management, submitting weekly journals, meal plan to be accountable for actions via email consultation. Identifying habits and misconceptions to overcome barriers and achieve health goals. Using SMART goals to make your dreams realistic, attainable, and healthy.

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Physically Active Birthday Party

Go Figure! now offers games and activities to make you birthday party an active one. Our staff will come to your birthday party to host various age appropriate physically active games and activities at your child birthday party, family reunion or function. We would like to have the get the parents and other adults involved in the activities also. Let show our children by example.

Give us a call to find out more details and booking appointments 705-727-1433

CPT Certified Personal Trainer
PTS Personal Trainer Specialist
NWS Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
CFC Certified Fitness Consultant


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