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Physical Fitness Testing of Canadian Forces Applicants

The Canadian Forces Applicant Physical Fitness Test ( CFAPFT ) is a modifications of the “Third Edition – The Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness & Lifestyle Approach ( CPAFLA )”.

The CF Applicant Physical Fitness Test consists of four items:

  1. Step test to predict maximum oxygen uptake ( VO2 max);

  2. Hand grip test with hand dynamometer to predict muscular strength;

  3. Push-ups to predict upper body muscular endurance; and

  4. Sit-ups to predict abdominal muscular endurance.

The purpose of the test is to assess the physical fitness level of the applicant against the Canadian Forces’ Minimum Physical Fitness Standard. Testing procedures require approximately 35-45 minutes to complete.


CPT Certified Personal Trainer
PTS Personal Trainer Specialist
NWS Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
CFC Certified Fitness Consultant


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