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Success Stories

Hi Nancy,

I would recommend BBL for the following reason:

Become empowered, prove to yourself that you are important! This challenge has shown that to me, I am worth it and I live everyday thinking that now, thanks to Nancy and BBL.

Bonnie Vacca

Dear Nancy,

This weekend I had a very big eye opener when I went out to buy some new pants. I have lost weight on my own in the past by dieting only. Over a 4 year period, I went from 243 lbs down to 187 lbs and kept most of it off for 2 years. When I got down to 187, size 16 pants were starting to get loose on me but I didn't yet fit into a size 14. I was very happy with that and I figured that by the time I got the scale down to where I felt my best weight would be (about 165lbs) I would nicely fit into a size 14 jeans. Due to an injury and a couple of illnesses, I gained almost all of the weight back and was very discouraged. I joined Barrie's Biggest Loser looking only for motivation to help me get the weight off again and maybe learn a few things to help me along the way.

Joining the Barrie's Biggest Loser has given me so much more than that. It made me aware of how important strength training and cardio activity is to effective weight loss and actually how little the scale has to do with effective weight loss once you get going with the strength training and cardio. My last weigh-in at the 1/2 way point of BBL shows me at just over 217lbs but I am wearing some size 16 pants already!!! Last time, when I was just dieting there was no way I fit in any size 16 pants when the scale still showed 220lbs. I would have lost weight faster by just diet alone than I have this time, but this time my shape is way better, the inches I have lost (18 inches) have made a huge difference and I already have more energy! When I was trying on pants this weekend, I realized that if I keep up with the activities that I have started during BBL and continue with the strength training, by the time I am done losing my excess weight, I will likely fit quite nicely into a SIZE 12 pants!! I haven't fit into a size 12 pants since I was about 14!!! I never thought that it would ever be possible for me again!!

I want to thank you for everything you are doing for us!! I know it must be frustrating for you sometimes when sometimes people don't follow-up with doing the challenges or fall behind with them due to illness, time constraints or life just sometimes getting in the way, but don't let it get you down! What you are doing is changing people's lives, please keep it up!

Not everyone will get the same things from the Barrie's Biggest Loser, but even if they take a few lifestyle changes away with them, it really is all worth it. Some of us will take away so much more than that!! I thought I knew a lot about how to lose weight in a healthy way, actually I had made some good eating habit changes over the years, but had never really had the whole picture like this before. I knew that muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less space, but I was totally floored at what a HUGE difference that makes when you put the whole thing together, the way you eat, aerobic activity and strength training!!!

I must admit that with being sick for much of the last 2 weeks, a lot of the extras have fallen by the wayside, like food and daily journals and for a while exercise, but the positives have stuck with me over that temporary period and I was still pretty much eating as I was supposed to because I knew even if I couldn't manage to write it down, I really don't want to revert to my old eating habits anymore. The new ways that I have been learning to grocery shop, cook and eat are becoming comfortable and much easier to stick to. Now that I am feeling better and have started exercising again I will be able to get myself back into all the journals again too. I sure found that not exercising for almost 2 weeks when I was sick sure made it a setback. All of a sudden those muscles hurt again when I started using them. But it sure feels good to get moving again. Sometimes activity is hard to fit into my schedule, but I know I sure feel better when I'm at it regularly even if some days it's not quite as much as I would like to be able to do.

Thanks again for all your hard work and everything you are doing for people who were once total strangers!! Your energy and dedication have made all the difference to me!

Misty F

Hi Nancy

I feel I have a success story and I can't take all the credit. Much of the credit goes to you and my fellow challengers. There is no way I could have done it without all of you....from the initial motivation to the continued every day support, everyone is just a phone call or email away. I have surprised myself in my accomplishments...23 lbs now, 22 1/2 inches and 4 weeks to go.

What I am enjoying and am maintaining is the exercise. Something that is totally new for me. I have done spurts of exercise in the past but now it seems to be a regular habit I look forward to doing. Especially going when I am not feeling like it. Before if I missed a day it was usually the start of dropping off all together. Now if for some reason I am not feeling too well or I have an extremely busy day or two i know I can't wait to get back to the gym. While I am there I am exercising longer too because I know i have to, to feel and see the results. That is the biggest lifestyle change and one I will be happy to continue. My other big change I have incorporated into my life is nothing to eat after 8 (sometimes 6) and no carbs after lunch if I can do that or 3pm at the very least. These seem to be my life savers and like I said, meeting all these great friends and challengers that have helped me on my journey and I hope we continue to encourage and support each other once this challenge is done. We are already planning winter activities together. Thank YOU for all of this; it has been a lot of fun and more than I anticipated!

Kathy W.

Hi Nancy

My success story is not about the weight loss as much as it is about Taking Time for Me and a complete new life change.

For 12 years I commuted to the city, and my average work week was 72 hrs . Yeah - per week. I would leave home around 5 am and return around 9 pm and stayed at work all night at least once a week. I never ate breakfast and quite often no lunch and drank little or no water no time for bathroom breaks and I weight a mere 230 lbs and growing. I ate from 9 pm till midnight. I loved my job and could not recognize what I was doing was wrong no matter how many times I was told. Then one day my boss sold the business to our American supplier and I was sold with the company as part of the package. But 5 months after the sale they moved to Oakville and I went with them only to find my commute is now ridiculous , So 3 months later I quit. That was 3 years ago

Now I choose the hrs I work and I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner I can not swim and have a fear of water But since the Barrie's Biggest Loser I go to aqua fit 3 times a week and I go to the gym 5 times a week to work out. It took me 3 yrs to loose 30 lbs and I was stuck until I became a member of the BBL Group. In 8 weeks I have lost 20 lbs I feel GREATTTTT and I am Definitely healthier I have gone from 4 Medformin down to 1 and from 8 Prednisone down to 2. I Enjoy my life and I have made a commitment to myself that the dedication I had to my job must and will change to the same dedication But to myself.

I plan to continue this life long journey and I am trying to decide when I should go visit my old boss. I am already 50 lbs lighter and feel 100% better right now than the last time he saw me but I still want to lose another 25 lbs. The look on his face when I am 75 lbs thinner and can say See what happens to people when you don't work them to death will be worth every sweat and tear I have shed.

Happier & Healthier

Dear Nancy,

I have managed to maintain my 13 lb weight loss and am still trying to keep an active lifestyle - over 8000 steps per day and strength training a couple times weekly. There have been challenges - but I am determined to keep on striving for a healthier lifestyle.

I plan to shave off another 15 in the next few months - so long wine and back to counting calories.

Thanks again,
Laurie Longtin

My success story
- Going to the store to pick out new jeans and not knowing what size to even try on! so I picked up a size 10 and 12. I took the size 10 (SIZE 10) I've never wore a size 10 that I can remember! I still remember when I first picked up the pants to look at them and thought "There is no way I'll fit into that!" Oh but I did and it felt AWESOME!!

-Realizing that my love/hate realitionship that I had with the gym isn't there anymore. I love how I feel when I leave the gym and it isn't a chore anymore it's a choice!

Just need to get the image in my head to realize that I'm that size not my old size.



I finally got sat down to write this.
My Success – Thanks to the Biggest Loser Journey!
I feel I do have a success story to share. I am not where I hoped to be by my fiftieth birthday, but I am somewhere I hadn’t expected to be. That is in a place of feeling fit! I was so focused on the scale and of achieving a certain weight that I wasn’t enjoying the rewards of the fitness feeling. I remain at the weight of my finale night so right on the 24- 25 pound weight loss. I maintained a fitness routine with Nancy and walking and extra fitness classes through out the summer and the eating right was always a focus but somewhat of a challenge. I do love good food!

Due to circumstances I couldn’t control I had to give up my training sessions with Nancy, but did not allow this to be an excuse not to maintain a fitness routine. I workout for 1 hour 6 days a week (6 – 7 a.m.) and vary it between a 1 hour weight training routine ( the intermediate routine out of the Biggest Loser Fitness Book) much of it is the same as what I was doing with Nancy. On the alternate days I try to do a 1 hour on the treadmill (this I make a hard and slow mix – anything to get up a sweat) Or I do routine on the Wii active which is a workout for me.

If I miss a day of not doing my exercises, I do not feel good. I am so much stronger and not only my physical health but my overall well being. I know that this has to be a part of my life from now on. I am still working on the good eating habits all the time. I have bought a magnetic weekly planner to put on the fridge that I can sit down once a week and plan the family meal schedule and put the snack suggestions for the week. I think this will help with the impulse eating and grabbing something quick. I also have asked for a daily journal for Christmas where I can write my activity, eating for the day and anything else of note in. Much of my trouble was with not having a plan for meals and with working in the barn from 5- 7 at nights it was usually a big meal after chores that wasn;t always healthy at that time of night.

I also used eating for every emotional feeling I had–happy–sad-angry, whatever, it was all an excuse for food ! I am working on that! I strive to pump up the routine a little each week and am determined to get some more snow off of these mountains. The success I am having is due to the whole Biggest Loser Program! Each and every part of it has been an important part for me. I have tried every diet program out there and always gain it back and more!

The one thing I did not think possible was to get this old worn out body back in shape. A knee injury and aching shoulders and hips from milking cows for 22 years made me think I was just old and worn out. Nancy got us moving and every day , week and month got me stronger! The comaderie of our group was support. We all had something in common, and the success of each person was an inspiration to us all. We all thrive on friendly competition and if they can do it – so can I! A bonus is we have a new group of friends and people we want to have the same success!
Thank you Nancy for taking me on this Journey – one that I am very thankful for and am enjoying being on!

Donna Klein Gebbinck

Dear Nancy,
My success story with Barrie’s Biggest Loser begins with my desire to begin a Healthy Lifestyle. I have fought with my weight most of my life. Beginning with just a few pounds overweight to the point where I am now at the “Obese” stage in my life. I made the decision to begin an exercise program with Nancy in May of 2009 and that was the start of turning things around for me. I soon began to learn that I could do these exercises and strength training and found that I was enjoying and actually looking forward to my exercise classes. Exercise was not something I had incorporated into my life before. I had dieted many many times and have been successful at losing weight but only to gain them back and then some. I know now that incorporating the exercise into my daily routine is the key to keeping the weight off. I have lost 25.50 pounds to date and more importantly half way through our program I had lost a total of “23 inches”. This was the number that blew me away. My clothes were starting to fit better and the sizes are going downwards which is a great feeling.

I have seen such a difference in my exercise routines, I can do more repetitions and exercise longer. My hips no longer ache at night and a lot of my sore muscles and aches and pain are subsiding. I have incorporated cardio into my daily life by walking, using my treadmill and lately the WII fit program.

The friends and the comradeship we have made with the other challengers has been a definite bonus. The speakers, the exercise classes and the knowledge you have shared with us over the last thirteen weeks have been interesting and eye openers for most of us.

I for one would not be where I am in this journey without the help and assistance of Nancy and I am forever grateful.
I am confident that I can walk away from Barrie’s Biggest Loser and continue with my program as I now have the tools and the knowledge I need to help me keep on my journey. I have a history of starting and never finishing my goals but this time I am confident that I will get to the “finish line” and make my healthy lifestyle a life long goal.Thank you Nancy for giving me the opportunity of being a part of “Barrie’s Biggest Loser”

Judy Beacock