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Welcome to the Get Fit Online Challenge*

You will receive personalized goals based on your weight, height, and fitness level. You can meet and communicate with others facing similar challenges through our blog. You will have access to an expert through different medias including live stream meeting weekly, and email. To help support a lifestyle change; you will have challenges to accomplish.

Your membership includes online fitness and nutrition tools, track details about weight loss, meals, fitness, calories burned, even map your run.

Online experience

  • Access your data anywhere; when you keep a journal, you’re twice as likely to reach goals
  • Track all the essential measurements including heart rate, body fat, BMI, blood pressure, daily sleep patterns, blood sugar,
  • Motivates you to exercise & eat healthy
  • Helps you reach goals sooner (keeping a log cuts the time to reach goals by almost half)
  • Keeps you organized, exercise, nutrition and journals
  • Makes it easy to stick to any plan or workout routine
  • Know if your diet & workouts are effective
  • Easily track and visualize progress
  • Faster & more accurate than paper logs
  • Access it from smartphones & tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android & others)
  • Map running, walking, cycling routes with aerial maps
  • Print custom workout cards with exercise photos
  • Map routes anywhere, on or off-road (not just roads).
  • Distance calculations are more accurate than other sites.
  • Calculates miles & KM’s for each route point + total distance.
  • View street, aerial photo and hybrid maps.
  • Track up to 117 things daily
  • Over 22 major tools

As an added incentive, I would like to include a complimentary virtual personal training session (through Skype) with your first three-month membership and participation in the online challenge. * You can still utilize our fitness and nutrition tools through our membership without participating in the online challenge.



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